“I’ve just loved the whole experience. I will really miss the weekly sessions. It’s been transformational for me. Possibly the best thing I’ve ever done for my well-being and ability to meet the challenges of life”.

Fiona – Whitley Bay

“The facilitation of the group has made it a great way to learn from the experience of others”.

Yvonne – Northumberland

“The course has given me space to be my “truer” self with others, and to be less judgemental”.


“I felt like a bird, imprisoned in a cage, and with practising all I’ve learned from the course, I feel free again”.

Ann- Seaton Sluice

I’ve found an ability to find calmness during difficult situations and to accept/be with difficult thoughts. I use all of my senses more often”.

Derek – Cullercoats

“Lots of shift. Lots of things I do differently. A renewed excitement for some things and letting go of others. Vigour. Rest. Focus. Kindness. Learning what’s important, moment by moment. Courage. Confidence. A shared journey. Good facilitation. Nourishing environment.”

Annie – Morpeth

“I feel like I’ve found now……and I’m finding that it’s a much better place than I knew it was.”

Jennifer – Monkseaton

“I now have new tools to deal with stressful situations, and a supportive mindfulness community.”

Rachael- Career Coach – Newcastle

“I’ve learned how to be present during the day by practising mindfulness in “mundane” tasks, and that it’s okay to take time for myself”.

Elaine- Holistic Therapist – Whitley Bay

“Just do’ll get so much from it!”

Claire – Whitley Bay

I’ve learned about…the breath, perspective, being kinder to myself and noticing how I feel. I soon started to notice the effects of mindfulness and wanted to learn more.”

Will – Communications Advisor – Newcastle

“Having just completed the Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction course I would just like to say that I really enjoyed it and found it extremely useful. It was a small group and we all respected each others feelings and thoughts.

The sessions were carefully planned taking everyone into consideration, not rushing and allowing everyone to speak when they had something to say.

The course has equipped me with the tools to help me get through stressful times and feelings and thoughts, by teaching me to take the time for me. This of course will be something I can continue to develop at home and work by myself.

Elaine is an extremely patient person with a professional approach, and a caring nature. She helped the group settle in very quickly and gave support to everyone in the group. Handouts and CD’s were provided every week to take home, and the exercises were done and nobody was made to feel they had to take part, therefore nobody ever sat aside. There were some really interesting exercises for example eating a grape for the first time, and walking mindfully.

I would 100% recommend this course to anyone who has to cope with stress/anxiety in their lives.”

Karen – County Durham

“I’m so pleased I went on this course. Mindfulness can give you a different way of approaching life and its difficulties, one that allows you to be kinder to yourself and makes things seem easier to deal with. You gain a better awareness of yourself and everything around you. Instead of fighting everything all time, which feeds stress, you can just ‘be’. It takes continued practice to achieve this but the times when you glimpse it and see it working for you it’s wonderful!

Doing this as part of a group was a really rich experience.
People generously shared experiences and this reassuringly made you feel ‘normal’ because so often you could relate to what they were saying. The group was incredibly supportive and inclusive. I know that I benefited enormously just from going through this learning experience with other people.

Elaine leads and supports the group with a gentle kindness. This approach really rubs off on the group and helps you to feel it is a safe, supportive and respectful space. This facilitates participation and a sense that you can just be yourself in this space. For Elaine, everything, especially a difficulty, is a learning opportunity! The handouts each week are very clear and give you a structure for your ‘homework’, helping you to reflect on your practice and your progress. The CDs are an invaluable guide to doing the practice itself.”

Julie – lecturer, Newcastle

“Life changing and inspiring enough to permeate into all parts of my life! The benefits I have gained from this course far outweighed my expectations. In the two years since completing the course, the results from my practice get stronger each day. So much so, I find it hard to contemplate my life without mindfulness, how on earth did I cope before?

It was refreshing to meet a teacher who doesn’t judge you, and is patient enough to let events unfold naturally, at their own pace. There are no timescales and no right or wrong answers. Differences among group members are respected, and individuals accepted for who they are. It would be difficult to find a more thoughtful teacher than Elaine, who teaches through example above all else.”

Saiqa – Health Professional

“We can make our minds so like still water that beings gather about us…”

WB Yeats

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